Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newly Weds Love Buckets

I have a friend getting married this month and anyone that knows me knows that I hate just buying a gift, but I love making a gift more personal. For this couple I made what I call Love buckets. One is titles "her" and the other "him." The man picks from the "him" one and she picks from "her"s. In these buckets you will find folded pieces of paper. On these pieces of paper are thoughtful things you can do for or with your new spouse. You can pick on each day or whenever you cant think of something sweet to do for him/her. There are ideas anywhere from "Go for a walk" to "draw a hot bubble bath for her, light some candles and turn on some music."

All you need to make these are cans (see through), your choice of scrapbook paper, hot glue gun, sticky letter and ribbon. Wrap the paper around the cans, place your letters, and decorate with ribbon. SUPER SIMPLE! Be creative for gifts to someone you love.