Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabric Flowers for accessories

 Over spring break I decided to get the creative juices going. I made flowers out of fabric for headbands, hair clips and broaches. I made different types of flowers with the help of a which I cant find haha. Instructions are at the bottom. 

What you need is a hot glue gun, double sided sticky fabric tape, felt, your choice of fabric, lace and beads (I used some from a necklace that broke). 
1. Trace a circle from a drinking glass onto the felt fabric and cut it out. Then cover one side with double sided sticky tape. 
2. Cut a strip of fabric that is two inches wide. Iron it in half. 
3. Start on the outside of the circle felt and start placing the fabric by folding it on top of each other as you circle it around the felt making your way toward the center. Hot glue the middle to hold it. If you want to add lace go ahead and tuck it in with hot glue to your liking. Then hot glue beads in the middle. 
4. You then have the choice to hot glue a hair clip on the back or glue it onto a headband.