Monday, December 5, 2011

Make your own chalk board

Items needed:

Wooden board of any size that you desire
Chalk Board paint
Sand paper
Metal handle
Hanging gadget of your choice to hang on wall. 

This was SO easy to make. I would first sand down your board so that it is smooth (this is something I didnt think to do and now my board is too rough to wipe off the chalk, still works, just looks dirtier). Paint your board with Chalk board paint (follow the instructions). Screw on the hanging gadget to hang on the wall, screw on or use wood glue to glue on the metal handle to hold the chalk. To finish this off, write down your menu for the month, week or whatever else you want to say :)

Bathroom Easy Storage!

EASY as 1,2,3. I went to Goodwill and found a basket for a couple bucks. The home decor sign is from my mother in law. All I did was nail the basket to the wall and fold some cute washcloths. Super cute idea, easy storage and I have to say it comes in handy being right there by the sink.

Pumpkin books.

This was so easy and cheap too!

Items needed:
Old book you dont mind ripping apart
Hot glue
Brown pipe cleaner for the steam.

To Make this all you have to do it tear of the front and back (if hard cover) of the book off, put together the stem with the pipe cleaners. To do this just twine them together and hot glue them in the spine of the book. Then glue the front to the back making the book flare out. The book will need some fluffing and guiding on how the pages shall lay. I think these look best with a set of three and all different sizes. :)