Sunday, October 3, 2010

Write a Story....

Anyone can do this at any event such as a birthday, wedding, baby shower, and so fourth. Put together an album with cute scrapbook paper and place solid color matte paper on those pages for a place to write. Slip them into an album and write a sign for people to read that explains to guests to write a story about the bride and or groom, the birthday boy or girl, for a baby shower you could do pieces of advise, or baby stories. Again this can work for almost any event.
 I made this recently for my husbands grandmas 80th birthday. I bought scrapbook paper with fun antique designs on it such as a old keys, mystical mermaids, corsets, men in old time bathing suits, and old newspapers. It turned out great once people gave us stories. To fill in blank spots I put pictures instead. It is a great gift to give and a fun on too.

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