Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY One Year Photos

I have to say...I am one proud Momma. I have such a wonderful son and family and Im gonna brag about it! :)
I absolutely LOVE photography and wanted some nice photos for when my son turned one. I originally planned to have a professional take his pictures but he got sick and thats when I stepped in...Miss Krissa the Amateur photographer. 

How To:

I bought a nice shirt for my boy (something that brought out his blue eyes)
I then bought balloons to match the scene
I already had a chalkboard (WHICH I LOVE), I use it for LOTS of pictures
I just pulled our outdoor bench and his little red kid chair outside and started taking pictures. 
I put my camera settings on P (which is for program) 
My husband helped me keep my son happy/smiling and sitting, we did this by ringing a bell (which my son loves). We also started letting him play with the balloons which made his day!
I used the website to add a little more contrast and brightness to the pictures. This website allows you to picture edit and save to your computer. I LOVE IT. I was super happy with the pictures. Here are some more:
 Too Cute for words huh?!

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