Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cake Batter Truffles

My best friend gave me this recipe So I will send you to her site for the instructions. Here are some Tid Bit hints to making them look nice:

1. Roll them as perfectly as you can in a ball shape
2. Chill for the whole 15 minutes
3. Take the fork, poke it into the bottom of the dough ball and dip in white chocolate mix but roll your fork in a clockwise direction, DO NOT lift it out and dip again and again. The dough balls are fragile. 
As you lift the dough ball out of the container, roll it so the white chocolate can drizzle off excess. 
4. Hold the fork verticle with dough on top and use two fingers to swipe it off the fork while letting it rest on your two fingers (this way you don't ruin the coating on the sides). Then carefully use the fork with your fingers to place it gently back onto the wax paper to dry
5. Immediately decorate with sprinkles. 

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