Monday, March 8, 2010

Bridal Shower Underwear Game

Last year, one of my best friends got married. Therefore, we had a bridal shower for her and played some fun games. One game that we came up with was the Underwear Game. The invitations that are sent out tell guests to buy a single item of underwear for the bride to be, but have it represent you, the guest.

Place a small bag outside of the front door of the party house and with it a sign that explains, "Please put the unmentionables you brought for (Bride's Name) here."When it comes time when everyone is there, take the bag and then clip the underwear on a clothes line in the room to show off the brides new undies.

Now for the game part! The bride needs to guess which pair of underwear came from which guest. As I said before, thats why the underwear has to represent you to help the bride. This was a fun game and tricky on the Bride.

My three best friends and I are known as the WEASels. It is the first letter of our maiden names with els at the end which by accident we found out means God. We have had this name since high school. That is why I put WEASEL BOOTY on my underwear for Hannah! Try this game out, it is a kick in the pants and fun for everyone!

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