Monday, March 8, 2010

Kids Beach Buckets

Last year, Josh's family game to Oregon and we spent the weekend at Pacific City. For this trip I wanted to make something fun for our nieces and nephew since we only get to see them maybe twice a year. For the beach I bought some beach buckets, got a hold of some vinyl from my mom though you can buy this at walmart, or Office Max. I cute out their names and placed them on the buckets so they had their own buckets with their name on it. Then I shopped around and bought beach towels with specific cartoons on them for each niece and nephew, like Batman, Dora, Tinker Bell and Barbie.

I also added a couple of fun toys in there for them, like a huge bubble stick. You can add more beach toys such as shovel, or shapes to form sand in. This was fun for them and also for me.

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