Thursday, September 13, 2012

ReDone Bookshelf

I have been wanting to paint this old bookshelf for a while now to match our new Ikea shelf. I fell in love with the idea from pinterest to put a design on the inside backing of the shelf. Here is the old one. 
This was so easy to paint and decorate. I HATE HATE sanding so I used a primer, and brushed it on which took maybe 30 minutes. I let that dry, then I bought three cans of a dark brown (almost black color) spray paint. I started spraying! 
The most difficult part was  that my shelf wants to fall apart but I just WOULDNT let it! Not after I put all this time and money into it. I took off the backing carefully and bought some fabric that I liked, along with spray glue (kinda spendy 9.99 for a can). I cut out the fabric to match the backing, I sprayed it and layed down my fabric. It was just too easy. I then reassembled the backing and had fun placing it once again in our living room. I love it. It now matches and it has character. Here is the final outcome!
The shelf is from target so I had to do a little research on priming a smooth surface I think it is made of linoleum. Worked out great though. Here is a website I used for tips on spray painting anything. 

Total Cost to do this project:
3 Cans Spray paint 12.00
Primer 6.00
Brush 3.00
2 1/2y Fabric 13.00
Spray adhesive 10.00
Total: 44$ with products to spare for more pinterest crafts!

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