Thursday, September 6, 2012

Midnight Feedings Basket for New Momma

Since having my little one, I have grown a heart for new mommas. I remember getting so hungry in the middle of night when feeding my little one so here is a gift idea for those new mommas. It is a basket full of goodies. 

Snacks include:
trail mix (I bought this in bulk then divided it up in seran wrap)
apple sauce
granola bars

All I did was buy a white plastic bowl, even though a wicker basket would have been much cuter! I placed tissue paper in the bottom of it, then added a little gift tag welcoming baby and then a card to new momma explaining that these treats are for her nightstand or the nursery room when you feed your little one in the wee hours of the night. Its so simple and new moms appreciate it so much!

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