Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kawaii Cloth Diapers and How you can save money!

After four months of using disposables, I asked myself why am I not cloth diapering? My husband and I are always looking for ways to save money monthly and here is an obvious way to be doing that. I researched on the internet that the average cost on diapers per year is anywhere from 560$-800$. IF you potty train at two years old that still $1120 MINIMUM. I found a bundle of 24 pocket cloth diapers, they are the Kawaii Baby brand, for 129.99$. Free shipping and they came with 48 liners. That comes out to be $5.42 per diaper! This was a steal because most cloth diapers range between 12-18$ each. Thanks to EBAY!
A little about the Kawaii diapers. They are snaps which are better than velcro because velcro will eventually wear and tear from all the washing. These diapers are also One Size (OS) which means they were designed to fit up to potty training so around 2 years of age. 
I some reading on what kind of diaper rash ointment to use with cloth diapers because for one you dont want it to be harmful to baby AND you don't want to compensate the absorbancy of your cloth diapers. I decided on Coconut Oil. This was $7.49 at Fred Meyers. Its basically a butter consistency so it works perfectly to rub on a babys bottom. :)
Another Money saver is to make your own cloth diaper detergent. This was INCREDIBLY easy! I have seen this detergent recipe on lots of blogs and a friend from church recommended it. So far no skin reactions and the cloth diapers look and smell fine after a wash. Yes there is Borax in this recipe but I did lots of reading on it and it gets all washed out of the diapers in the process. FYI some babies do have reactions to different detergents, therefore this MIGHT not be the recipe for your baby. 
Equal parts of Oxi Clean, Washing Soda and Borax.
This made a tub full of detergent and you only need 1-2 Tablespoons of detergent for one wash...OBVIOUSLY this is gonna last a VERY long time!
Total Cost was: $13

Before cloth diapering you do have to way out the pros and cons for your life style...are you on the go alot? Can you stand to do laundry every three days or so? Consider that you use more water or warm water when washing cloth diapers, and it may take your baby some getting use to a wet feeling on their bum. So far I love cloth diapering, its NOT as hard as everyone says it is. 
More posts to come about cloth diapering :)

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  1. I was just wondering how your detergent is working on the diapers?