Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chalk Board Wonders...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE pinterest? Well, I am not just a pinner...but also a doer. I really try to stop pinning things and get off my bum and actually do these stinkin cute ideas. One creative idea I found and adore is the chalk board ideas. Almost any chalk board idea I love. It is a simple, cute and creative way to keep track of dates in pictures, celebrations, holidays, announcements and more. The latest event that I just my homemade chalk board for was yesterday (4th of July). This way I dont have to remember what year or what holiday this picture was from on my own...its in the picture with my son.

To make a chalk board is super duper easy. I just found a spare piece of wood in my parents shed, I recommend sanding it first (I didnt and its too rough), then painting it with chalk board paint. I then went to Home Depot and bought a metal handle and screwed/wood glued it onto the board upside down to hold chalk pieces. Total cost was maybe 5$ since my parents already had the wood and paint.

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