Thursday, July 5, 2012

Braided Poof

Lately, I have been into pinterest DIY hairdos. Especially with summer here and my hair is getting long, I want fun styles to try. As for being a mom it is SO easy to just throw my hair into a ponytail when I could spend five minutes and do something cute. will see hairdo's for the summer time in the next couple postings. :) YAY!

This is what I call the Braided poof. SO VERY SIMPLE! Just braid what you would have normally "poofed" on the top of your head. Hair spray, then either straighten the rest of your hair or do big wavy curls like I did. I did my curls in about five minutes so this hairdo seriously took maybe ten minutes. I take big chunks of hair and ringlet curl them, dont touch them till they cool off and then run your fingers through them, hair spray and SHAZAM!! You just did a hairdo in ten minutes or less.

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