Thursday, July 12, 2012

Messy Twist

I did this hair do a couple of ways to see how it best held through the day. This was the first way I attempted it and I loved the way it looked. Unfortunately, it fell out within a couple hours. The new way that I did this looks almost exact! I did one big twist in the back, slowly gathering big chunks of hair from each side of my head (kind of like french braiding). I left a strand at the base of my neck to wrap around the ponytail. I then took a small band and tied the end of it...this made it hold all day. I then wrapped my extra hair strand around the band and bobby pinned it under the ponytail against my head. There are lots of ways to do this do. 
The one I found originally on pinterest was  three different sections of hair. The middle was twisted just as so, then the other sides overlapped the twist and was pinned. Here is the pinterest photo:

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