Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Sockbun updo

I was joking with my best friend the other day saying that this site really should be called Krissas copycat hands since I just trial everyone's ideas. :) This is the Sockbun hair do, I can not express how easy this is. As long as you have long hair that is not TOO layered it can easily be done. You take a sock and cut off the toes, creating a tube of fabric. You then proceed to roll up the sock to look like a donut. Comb your hair, and put it in a high tight ponytail. Then place the Sock as it is rolled up, around your ponytail. I spread all my hair around the surface of the sock cause I have thin hair. Start rolling the hair around the outside of the sock until you roll in against your head. I then like to pin it down with a couple bobby pins just to secure it. This sure lasted ALL day. :) This is a hard to explain tutorial so I would watch this youtube video to help out. 

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